Montag, März 15, 2010

The EFAF general assembly met on March 13, 2010 in Frankfurt's Römer

The EFAF general assembly unanimously voted for AFVD President Robert Huber (40 years old from Obertshausen, Germany) to continue as the President of the EFAF for the next four years.

The general assembly met in the meeting room of the city parliament in the historic Römer city hall in Frankfurt.

The general assembly also voted for the following board members to continue their service for the next four years.

Senior Vice President, Roope Noronen from Finland
Vice President of Finance, Michael Daum from France
Vice President, Enrique de Castro from Spain
Vice President, Michael Eschlböck from Austria
Director of Flag Football, Greg Loughran from Ireland
Director of Development Programs, Eugene Checkov from Russia
Director of Women's Football, Pillan Plass from Sweden

The general assembly also approved the full membership applications of Turkey and Belarus and elevated Luxembourg from its association member status to a full member. EFAF now has 23 full members, one associate member and six nations as temporary members.

The general assembly voted unanimously to approve the reports and accounts of the board as well as the plans for 2010 until 2014 and the budget for 2011.

Frankfurt City Councilman, Markus Frank, officially welcomed the delegates in the name of the City of Frankfurt am Main and underlined the meaning of American Football to the city of Frankfurt am Main, which is supporting the EFAF Senior Men's Championship taking place from July 24 through July 31, 2010 both logistically and financially.

Hessen's state minister Michael Boddenberg greeted the delegates the previous evening at a reception in the Eberbach Cloisters and further ensured the support of the state government of Hessen for the Men's European Championship.

"The general assembly was full of positive energy and the desire of the members to develop together American Football in Europe with the EFAF board", commented the newly voted for EFAF President, Robert Huber. "We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, but together the American Football community will meet these challenges head on".

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