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TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2010 - OTTAWA, ONTARIO - The 2010 IFAF Men's and Women's All-Tournament teams have been announced following the Gold Medal game that was played at the RA Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

USA quarterback Jorge Cascudo was named the All Tournament Team Offensive MVP having guided his team to a Gold medal and an undefeated record during the competition and threw 34 touchdowns. The United States scored a total of 213 points only allowing 75 points in the tournament.

The Defensive MVP was named German Sebastian Schumacher as Germany finished in fifth place.

The United States led the way with four first team all-tournament selections, followed by Denmark, Germany and Italy with two. Mexico and Canada had one player selected. Team Japan was named Fair Play team.

Canadian quarterback Vanessa Birri was selected the All Tournament Team Women's Offensive MVP as the Canadian women claimed the Gold medal defeating Team USA 31-8. Birri threw for 16 touchdowns as Canada scored 110 points only allowing 33 points during the group play competition.

The Defensive MVP was named Japanese defensive back Iura Ayako as Japan finished the tournament in sixth place.

Four players from Canada were selected to the women's all-tournament team as the United States had three. Mexico and Japan had two players selected and Japan with one. The Mexican women's team was named Fair Play team

Men's All-star Team:

QB #13 Jorge Cascudo USA
WR #11 Bailey Jason Canada
WR #88 Michael Svane Denmark
WR #8 Carlos Jaime USA
WR #29 Enrico Leonardi Italy

DB #21 Sebastian Schumacher Germany
DB #6 John Rooney USA
DB #20 Sebastian Pascolo Italy
DB #88 Javier Becerril Mexico
DB #89 Martin Haastrup Denmark

MVP Offense
Jorge Cascudo USA

MVP Defense
Sebastian Schumacher Germany

Fair Play Award: Japan

1. USA
2. Denmark
3. Italy
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. Austria
7. Mexico
8. Japan
9. Israel
10. Korea
11. Sweden

Women's All-Star Team:

QB #8 Vanessa Birri Canada
WR #12 Rosa Adriana Riviera Mexico
WR #10 Adrienne Smith USA
WR #12 Therese Weigang Austria
WR #88 Avery Brevett Canada

DB #13 Iura Ayako Japan
DB #80 Chante Bonds USA
DB #5 Audrey Colette Canada
DB #8 Sharon Vasquez USA
DB #7 Lilia Priego Mexico

MVP Offense
Vanessa Birri Canada

MVP Defense
Iura Ayako Japan

Fair play award: Mexico

1. Canada
2. USA
3. Austria
4. Mexico
5. Israel
6. Japan
7. Germany
8. Sweden
9. Denmark

All of the scores, stats, and standings can be found at http://www.ffwc2010.com/.

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